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Jake dh - Writer Spotlight

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Jake dh (real name Jacob Harris) is the current Vice President of the Midwest Writers Guild EVV as well as the designer of this website.

Jake is most well known as the author/creator of The BulletProof Ghost novel/comic book series.

He released a bone-chilling horror anthology titled, Nightmare People and Other Short Horrors in 2020.

Currently he is working on a full length fantasy novel titled Deathless: Cylinder of Sickness, which he hopes to have picked up by a large mainstream publisher.

Jake lives with his wife Sarah, son Xander and daughter Chloe in Evansville, Indiana. He enjoys video gaming, anime, horror and super hero focused media in his free time.

You can support Jake dh by subscribing to his free mailing list at:, which also has all of his social media links (follow if you would), or you can check out his Patreon page at a low subscription price of $1 a month. His Patreon contains rough drafts and versions of his work way earlier than the public can view it. Later in the year, videos and other unique rewards will come down the pipe.

The official cover for Jake's recent horror anthology

Comic book art as well as cover art for The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades.

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