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Annual Literary Journal Information

Updated: Apr 12

You can purchase 2020's Literary Journal HERE.

This years submissions are closed, but if you wish to contact us about next year's volume feel free to email us at .

You can purchase the paperback edition of 2019's Anthology, Midnight Special by clicking Here.

You can purchase the Kindle edition HERE

Midwest Writers Guild of Evansville Literary Journal 2021 Guidelines

In order to be featured in the Midwest Writers Guild Literary Journal, you must be an official member and pay your dues. Once that is done, you can submit a piece of work 5,000 words or less. If the work exceeds 5,000 words, then you will be charged an extra fee.

The contest theme for this year is 'Transformation'. The contest entries end on June 1st. The final deadline for all submissions is July 15th.

You don't have to participate in the contest to have you work featured. Your submission's content must be around a PG-13-esque standard. Your work will be edited and sent back to you. Unless the edits are for "lewd" content or grammar/spelling, you are free to accept or reject the edits.

Once the Journal is completed and published, you can receive one copy for free. Subsequent copies after that are $10 each. If you cannot pick your copies up in person, shipping fees will apply.

Submissions can be anything from short stories to poems to novel excerpts and anything in between.

All submissions are to be sent to

We look forward to seeing your work!

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