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Design the Midwest Writers Guild EVV Contest

Do you want to design the official logo for the Midwest Writers Guild of Evansville?

Currently we are holding a contest for graphic artists to design a logo for the guild. The winner will receive a framed high quality print of their work for display. Though all credit for designing the image will go to the winning artist, the Midwest Writers Guild of Evansville will own all copyrights of said artistic rendering. We will also place a link for your website and/or social media account on the header of this website. We are a non-profit and can literally not take a profit off of sales of this yet to be created logo. We will sell T-Shirts, buttons and other merchandise with this logo merely to fund the day to day running of the guild.

Rules for Contest:

  1. The logo must be created digitally.

  2. The color scheme should be simplistic, possibly only black and white if possible.

  3. The final file should be submitted as either .jpg or .ai (Adobe Illustrator).

  4. The unofficial mascot for the guild is an owl. Incorporating an owl into the logo is strongly suggested.

  5. The logo should incorporate either the words "Midwest Writers Guild of Evansville" or "Midwest Writers Guild EVV" into the design.

  6. Submit your final design to for judging. The President and Vice President of the guild will narrow down the entries to three contestants. If you are one of the three finalists, we will inform you. The three finalists will be voted on in the next meeting of the guild by attending members.

  7. The contest begins as of this posting and ends on November 5.

Thank you to all participating. We appreciate your work and wish all of you luck.

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